Job Referrals

Contact: Ken Hart, Referral Agent


No applicant shall be registered unless he/she appears at the Referral Office in person and requests registration on a form to be furnished by the Business Manager and signs the proper “Available for Work Book”.

No applicant shall have their name entered on the referral list as long as he/she is employed by a signatory employer in any capacity, within the area served by the Referral Office.

Registration, re-registration for referral and re-signing shall be available as follows:

Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM except holidays or days considered as such. Upon signing the “Available for Work ” Book and receiving a new registration number, you will be placed on the “Available for Work” list in the proper order.


The following changes to the Referral Procedures are part of Resolution No. 35 of the IBEW 38th International Convention held in Septemeber, 2011, which called for “parity among locals for re-sign procedures”.

  1. Re-signs shall be required monthly beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of the month.  Re-signs will only be accepted between the 10th and the 16th of each month.
  2. Re-sign may be accomplished by fax, email, or in person.  Fax or email re-signs shall not be required to be sent from the home local union.
  3. Re-signs will require the following information:  registration number, name, address, home local number and IBEW card number.

Calling in for Jobs

Any registrant for referral who is interested in one or more of the available jobs shall make him/herself available to the Referral Office by the following method:

Call the office recorder between 5:00 PM and 10:00 AM.  Have your name, group number, registration number, and telephone number you can be reached at in person recorded.

The registrant must state which job or jobs thay are applying for, this information will be logged on the daily check in sheet.

Removal from the List

The names of registrants shall be removed from the referral list as they are referred out to an employer making a request, until such registrants appear at the Referral Office requesting registration on a form to be furnished by the Business Manager or Referral Agent.

Employer Rejection

Should a registrant be rejected by the employer, the employer will note such rejection in writing to the Referral Office.  The registrant shall then immediately return to the Referral Office in order to retain his/her spot on the “Available for Work List”.  The registrant shall not receive a “Turndown” for employer rejection.

Receiving Calls/Turndowns

  • Applicants refusing a job will receive a Turndown/Strike.
  • Applicants not answering the phone will receive a Turndown/Strike.
  • Applicants unavailable for referral when work would have been offered shall receive a Turndown/Strike.
  • Applicants that could have been referred but did not respond will receive a Turndown/Strike.

Applicants will be allowed two (2) Turndowns without penalty and be rolled off the book for a third Turndown, and must sign for referral as a new applicant.

Any applicant, who accepts employment in a Local other than Local 236, shall immediately notify the Referral Office.  Traveling members receiving a third Turndown will be removed from the “Available for Work List”, and must sign for referral as a new applicant.

There will be no call downs.  It is the applicants’ responsibility to call in for work.

Applicants must re-sign in person once in a calendar year to maintain eligibilty on the “Available for Work List” after their initial signing.

Employment in Other Locals

Any registrant, who accepts employment in a Local other than Local 236, shall immediately notify this referral office.

VACATION – As it pertains to the “Available for Work List”:

If you are on the “Available for Work List” and are planning or have already planned a vacation, you need to do the following:

The registrant shall notify the Referral Agent in writing as to the dates he/she will be away.  This notification shall be done 2 weeks in advance of the planned vacation.

During the specified time (vacation period) there will be no “Turndowns” applied for job calls.

The registrant will not be able to call in for jobs during the specified time (vacation period), or be referred out for work during that time.  Also, the registrant cannot be working under an IBEW inside construction agreement anywhere during that time.

Vacation time will be limited to two weeks in the Summer and two weeks in the Winter.

Per Article XIV Sec. 10. of the IBEW Local 236 By-Laws:

The handling of jobs for unemployed members shall be under the full supervision and direction of the Business Manager.  The Business Manager shall devise such means as are considered practical and fair in the distribution of available jobs to qualified members.  Members shall not violate such established rules or plans.

Certain terms of the above procedure may be subject to changes.  Please contact the IBEW Local 236 referral office for details of current operating procedures.